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Give Windows Phone 8 Device Support to Zune

Add Support for our WP 8 Devices to Zune, and we will obtain same ecosystem like iTunes and iPhone

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    StanleyStanley shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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    declined  ·  Ellen KilbourneAdminEllen Kilbourne (Admin, Xbox Music) responded  · 

    There are no plans to bring back the Zune brand. As far as the tech goes, much of the same code backs our current apps and the related service. In fact, it’s many of the same crew from the Zune days who grace our hallways today.

    We strongly encourage you all to vote for the specific features you’d like us to add back first as we continue to pump out the regular updates.


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      • James LJames L commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        You can say that, but why is so much from Zune not even there? For example, some Zune features still missing:

        -Channels - auto playlists you could subscribe to to get new music. There's no XBM equivalent.
        -Social - see what your friends are listening to to discover new music, get badges for listening to music, create a Zune Card with a background that others can search. On the Zune HD, you could press the Zune button in the FB app to post your now playing to FB, and see what friends are listening to with the Zune cards, and send messages to them. That has a very rough equivalent in XBM, but it looks ugly last I used it to share to FB. And there is no equivalent to Zune social.
        -Pivot interface - Open Zune and you get beautiful pivots at the top. Open XBM in Metro Windows, and you get a bar to the left with icons that are difficult to recognize as to what they're supposed to be.
        -Background images - open Zune and go to settings, and you see several nice artistic backgrounds. Go to XBM, and you get a black/gray/white background. It's bare, stark and not very nice to look at.
        -Picks - I haven't seen an equivalent to this in XBM. Zune was about music discovery, which is to this day difficult in XBM's clunky interface, either on the web or on Windows 8. Zune's interface was much better looking.
        -Videos - you could buy TV shows, music videos, and movies in Zune, but XBM can't. You need a separate app for that. You don't see Apple saying "Let's split iTunes into 5 apps: iTunes Music, iTunes Video, Podcasts, Synch, and Radio. Everyone will love having 5 apps to do what one app does now!"
        -Podcasts - Zune could do podcasts, and now there's a separate app that's not very updated.
        -Audiobooks - Zune could manage your audiobooks on the Zune HD as audiobooks (granted, it was clunky, requiring 3rd party software, but at least it was actually there). There is no audiobook support in XBM.
        -App purchases - I could get apps for Zune HD and Windows Phone 7 from Zune, which was convenient and nicely laid out. Now I have to use a web interface or the phone itself, neither of which is the best format for browsing apps.
        -Synch - Zune synched your phone and Zune HD, and did it over wifi. XBM still can't do this.
        -Playlists - this is much much easier on the Zune software. To this day, it's easier. Try adding multiple items on the web interface or the XBM app in Windows 8, and it's still not as easy as on Zune.
        -Criteria-Playlists (Auto-Playlists) - This is admittedly Windows Media Player, but XBM still cannot create a playlist to match criteria, such as: playlist of up to 60 minutes, in the genre pop, with songs less than 4 minutes. You can do that in Windows Media Player, not XBM.
        -Recent and New - Zune had this, as did the Zune HD, but not the XBM app. When I say 'recent' I mean my own recent plays. When I say 'new' I mean my own new music - not what's in the marketplace.
        -Now Playing Screen/Saver - leave the zune software for a bit and you get artist imagery with shifting colors and text. For XBM, you get weird triangles and from what I remember since stopping using it, one color. Not the really good-looking gradients from Zune. XBM/XBV is in comparison spartan, dull, and Soviet to me.
        -Pictures - you could view your pictures in Zune and synch to your device. You can't do this in XBM. All you need to do is re-add this, add people tags and viewing on a map based on geotags, and the ability to add geotags, and it'd be perfect.
        -Separate Now Playing Screen - Zune got this right, and WP8 got this right, but for some reason, Microsoft felt the need to remove this, put it in a pivot, and remove the swipe to change tracks, which in the motion we're all used to now, only switches pivots in the panorama. That's an idiotic move. They added swipe back, but it's now up/down, not side-to-side. I still don't get this.

        If the Zune team really is working with you still, give them carte blanche to redesign the XBM app and put back podcasts, video, smart dj, radio, audiobooks, app purchases, and picture viewing. Both on the phone and on the desktop, X-Box Music is a huge setback and I explicitly refuse to use it on a regular basis due to the number of missing features that I specifically chose Zune for having. Once all the above are put back, and this whole 'split into 5 apps' mentality is gone, then I'll use XBM and perhaps even purchase music from it.

      • Jagdeep GillJagdeep Gill commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This. I found it very convenient to mark songs with the heart. New songs that I added didn't have any heart filled in, songs I liked, and wanted to keep had the heart filled in, and songs I wanted to delete has the broken heart. When I synced my phone, I would use Zune to delete all the heart broken songs. Also, I liked the option to choose which songs I wanted to sync. Zune made it pretty easy to manage my new, ******, and good music. Please bring something like this back!!!!

      • FaustoFausto commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        BTW nobody ask about upgrading Zune. Don't "upgrade it". Just get rid of the name, fix some libraries and make it MTP compatible and voíla... the new XBox Music!!! much better than the stupid iTunes or anything else...
        Believe me, I will be happy the day you do that.

      • FaustoFausto commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I'm still using Zune... and I'm happy!!!
        Now, what about change the name, skin and add wp8 support and call it "XBox Music", I could live with that...

      • MikadoWuMikadoWu commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


        I added my 3 votes here too. I am a Major Pro MS user and professional. The Zune software is the MOST used software in my house, and every device in my house runs Win 8 Pro(4 Surface Pros, 7 computers, and more). Personally I think it is one of the top 5 programs MS has ever made. The Windows 8 Music App and WP8 Tool to not even come close to Zune. To be honest, they are probably a reason you do not sell more devices. Xbox Music, just plain stinks.

      • BrentBrent commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Clarification for reviewers:

        Let's change the ask: not to update the Zune software, but to give Xbox Music the same functionality. The software is sitting there. Someone at Microsoft must know how to do what the Zune software did. Simply do that.

        When Xbox Music came out, I thought they were going to simply put a new skin on the Zune software and call it: Xbox Music. Instead, they created a whole new application from scratch, which is not able to do most of what the Zune software did.

        So, to repeat, I am not asking for an update to the Zune(TM) software, I would simply like the Xbox Music software to do what the Zune software did, the way that software did it. If any of the folks from the Zune team are still around, ask them what they did for purchasing, syncing, ripping, transcoding, playlist management, and everything else around music.

        Or, if that's too much work, change the color scheme of the Zune software from pink to green and call it Xbox Music. Then create a "Modern" interface for it.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        ZUNE is such a great PC desktop software, so feature rich, that even as MS has removed features, it is still miles ahead of the incredibly basic basic app.

      • BONESBONES commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Leon, that is not syncing, it is simply transferring files. With proper syncing, any changes you make to metadata, etc. are automatically propagated across your devices. I recently manually copied music over to my new tablet and it took me something like 10 or 12 hours of creating new folders (necessary where I only wanted to copy one album from an artist with several), then copying folders and files, just to copy 30Gb of music. OTOH, a few months ago I reformatted my 64Gb ZuneHD and using Zune's sync meant I just had to connect the ZuneHD and leave it alone for a couple of hours while it did all the work for me. It's chalk and cheese and even the new WinPhone app is preferable to using Explorer.

      • Leon FernandesLeon Fernandes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Do not make syncing content dependent on the Zune software only. Its current form of syncing(through windows explorer directly) is great. I don't want to be dependent on the software every time I want to sync my music collection, if I go to my friends place and they don't have the Zune software installed I don't want to be left out in the cold unable to sync content. It was god awful in windows phone 7 (lumia 710) please do not bring back that misery.

      • JamesJames commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Let me just honestly say that I despise X-Box Music and the Synch app. Zune worked. Zune on Windows Phone worked. And both had dozens of features that X-Box Music/Video, Podcasts, Radio, and Synch do not have to this day.

        I cannot stand using X-Box Music on the computer or phone. Think of this:

        on iPhone:
        -ONE APP: iTunes, plays music, tv, movies, music videos, audiobooks, radio, and has playlists, and buys music, tv, movies, music videos, audiobooks.

        on Mac:
        -ONE APP: iTunes, plays music, tv, movies, music videos, audiobooks, eBooks, and has playlists, and buys music, tv, movies, music videos, audiobooks.

        I am embarassed to show iPhone users my phone and say "I can play music with this app. Then switch to this one for videos. Then this one for podcasts. And this other one for listening to the radio." the iPhone user then says, "I just use iTunes. Why do you have so many apps?"

        I have no response. It makes utterly no sense. Your dropping Zune makes me want to go get an iPhone because it's EASIER to use! Please add Windows Phone 8 to Zune.

      • BONESBONES commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I find the Windows 8 Metro app is perfectly usable, it just annoys me that I need it as well as a music app and a video app and a photo app. Worse still, I also still need Zune for my ZuneHD and Windows Media Player so I can sync USB thumb drives for use in my car.

      • LukeLuke commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I bought a Windows Phone 7 the day it came out. I had started using Zune before that. It's interface is the precursor to everything that MS is doing (just look at Office menus, Visual Studio, etc.) -- and yet you ditch it and replace it with --- nothing!?!?

        I then bought a Zune Pass, which I've used now for years. And yet, I'm still holding on to my original Windows Phone 7 because THERE IS NO GOOD WAY to easily sync music to the new Windows Phones. Why NOT? Why would you say that you have no plans to update the Zune software when there are countless users out there who are asking for a Zune-like replacement?

        I thought the idea behind Windows phone, and Windows 8 was that there would be a single ecosystem across all devices. And yet, you can't allocate a minimal amount of time to update the sync protocol for Zune to talk to Windows 8 devices? Sure, you should also create a Modern interface app that works like Zune...but it seems much easier to modify Zune in the meantime. Since it's has taken more than 2 years and there is still no viable replacement for the app, it makes me wonder what you guys are thinking?

        How about this -- release the Zune source code and let some other developers take a ***** at it? It's hard for me to believe that even some of the original Zune team members wouldn't like to release something on the side. Hey, if it was me, I would have modified the source code for my own use by now!

        Ultimately, the real question remains: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I just can't understand how you guys have gone 2+ years after releasing Windows Phone 8 and you still think that the Desktop Sync app is actually a usable piece of software? As many users have suggested, why not rename the Zune app (like you renamed the music pass), and just make it work? Would it have really taken that much longer than putting together these ****** sync apps that you have put out over the last few years? Is there some kind of opposition to writing a good music player application? Do you want all of us to move to Spotify?

        I'm sitting here with multiple Windows Phone 8 devices in my home (a Samsung Ativ, HTC 8x, Nokia Lumia 925, several Nokia Lumia 520s, Nokia Lumia 1020), and I'm still using my Samsung Focus because I just plug it auto-syncs my photos, videos, and updates any albums that I may have already synced which have changed. I easily browse my collection and/or the marketplace, right-click and sync albums or songs with my phone. Unplug and I'm gone. I know that isn't possible with Windows Phone 8 because I've seen my friends and my kids try hassling with it.

        So you can probably tell I'm frustrated. I love Windows Phone. I've been a huge fan and recommended the device to many others. But why oh why would you ***** up one of the main uses for a modern phone -- music? When you know you are competing with Apple, who made their mark via their music app -- how can you ignore making this a smooth, simple, and clean experience? You have SO MANY talented developers and designers at MS, it's just beyond me how you can overlook this critical and very visible deficiency. Please fix it.

      • FaustoFausto commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        your moderator says that there are plenty of ways to sync the music, and all of then suck!!! WMP: Suck!! WP sync tool W7 and W8: both suck! Any MTP sync tool: SUCK!!!
        that the whole truth... Zune was and still IS the best on music management...

      • MikeMike commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        You took the one thing I loved about WP7 and removed it from WP8. The Zune interface was easy, fast, and when dealing with a large collection, not to mention playlists, it was very efficient. The current system is bulky, cluttered, slow and hard to manage. Zune worked, this doesn't. If you need to rename it Xbox Music fine, just bring back the Zune interface.

      • pinpin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Most beautiful feature was that if I have LAN in PC I was able to use internet in my phone using USB cable I miss it.

      • FaustoFausto commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        take into account that many users don't know about uservoice, so the quantity of voted doesn't show the need for Zune on WP8 devices...

        This is what I wrote on WP uservoice:

        I still use Zune as my music player, but not syncing with my Lumia 720 is a PAIN!!!!
        Zune makes this a piece of cake... on WP7, why not WP8?

        Also you must add more format support, currently I have some videos on AVC 10, that Zune can't see or play, but my Lumia 720 can play those files... We need Zune because the WP sync tool STINKS!

        The sugestion is managing my WP8 with WMP... that's a disaster!!! there are lots of useless files on the phone that are not used by WP8 but were added by WMP, trying the Windows 8 app is kind of OK, but can't create lists, the XBox Music app is garbage (I uninstalled it), Zune is installed to manage my music and lists, I keep using the Windows 8's WP8 app to "sync".

        I dumped Winamp because my old WP7, Zune management with the Music, Photos and Videos is far better, I still use it, but I need the sync with my Lumia 720 on Zune!!!

        I'll be using Zune as long as needed.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I understand you may not want to use the ZUNE branding, but bring back the Zune desktop app and make it compatible with WP8. PLEASE, it is so much of a better experience using the Zune software for managing music than anything else. The Zune desktop software would have to be MS's most beautiful piece of software to date. Nothing else like it - parallax displaying of album/artist art when playing music looks fantastic. Please, what you have done with WP8 for Windows desktop users is abysmal. Please restore the experience we had with WP7 and Zune. Trying to sync my music/videos with WP8 and my PC under Windows desktop is a sad, sad, and frustrating retrograde, to say the least. I've resorted to Media Player 11 when syncing WP8, and keep Zune for organisation and playback of my media.

      • BONESBONES commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The level of support in the past couple of weeks for the ideas expressed here has been really heartening. MS need to understand that this stupidity is costing them money. Now that I can no longer purchase through Zune using my points, I've started buying my music from places like 7digital and even going back to buying CDs.

        TBH, as my last few laptops have had small (128Gb)) SSDs, I'd become used to a second-rate experience caused by having my collection on an external drive. Having just upgraded to a slick, new machine with a 512Gb SSD, however, I am back to the full Zune experience and I can't believe how liberating it has been. Everything just works so beautifully with Zune again that I can't believe I put myself through two plus years of torture. MS really needs to do something about this because the new experience with X Box Music is third-rate by comparison.

      • FaustoFausto commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Dear Cameron I put 3 votes on this because even if I have my Lumia 720 (previously an HD7), I still manage my collection with Zune.
        Yes, I use the sync tool, but let's face it, I dumped Winamp because of Zune, it's great for managing my music, video and images collection and even better at syncing.
        I know that Zune compatible devices held an internal database for syncing, but you could easily move the sync database to the software, also I know that the hard issue is the modification of the device handling, but we, your loyal users WILL appreciate the effort to bring Zune to WP8.
        I understand that the Zune brand has been left out, no problem with that, call it whatever you want, but WE NEED that app compatible with WP8...

      • ragingsearagingsea commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        YES! I've owned Zune 30, Zune 2 and Zune HD and loved the experience of everyone of them. The functionality to edit your own music collection details and keep them that way is essential to any music aficionado. I like that Xbox Music can detect and match your music info but please make it an option to keep your own info.

        I love Zune so much that I'm rehearsing this press release in my mind already: 'Zune makes a glorious comeback with the love and support of loyal users' If the love of something doesn't die out through time, that's a true cult.

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